On the 14th April our minister Alison led the worship. The theme of the service was about remembrance which followed through the readings, the Children's address, the sermon, culminating in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Alison performed a Silent Communion using props she produced from a hamper. The cross assembled at one side of the table, the loaf of bread wrapped in a napkin looking so like a baby as it was nursed in Alison's arms, gradually changing into the broken body of Christ complete with the crown of thorns which was hung on the cross. Then the blood of Christ was represented by a bottle of wine opened by one of the openers that have arms as it is screwed into the bottle. This image was an amazing and surprising one of the cross which was destroyed as the bottle was opened and the cross shape disappeared.To observe this without any words was very powerful and thought provoking. 

Silent Communion, Longcauseway, Dewsbury 

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