Meeting of Synod at Christ Church South Ella,

East Yorkshire. Saturday 14th October 2017

There were seven representatives from SPACE at this meeting including one minister, Mark; Janine having a prior commitment and six young people from SPACE Voyagers and Longcauseway Voyagers. These young people had their separate meeting but joined us for a short while in the afternoon.


The meeting was chaired by Val Morrison as Kevin Watson our Moderator was away in the South of England at another Synod Meeting.  I enjoy going to these meetings as you meet up with old friends such as John Rider, our one time Interim Moderator and Peter Jordan, minister in SPACE, and


During the morning, after a period of worship we heard a presentation about the Reformation which began 500 years ago from Prof. Clyde Binfield OBE, FSA. We also heard a short presentation about our churches signing up to becoming an ECO Green Church. We were also asked whether the Synod should sign up as well but this was deferred until more information could be given.


The highlight of the day for me was in the afternoon when the children came in with the two newly appointed Children and Young People Practitioners; Steph and Megan. They had previously been to a weekend away to Marrick Priory and the children were eager to tell us about what they had done and about the friendships they had made.


We heard about the initiative from Head Office about Walking the Way (some resources are in the hands of your church secretaries) and a good
report about the progress being made in Safeguarding Children, Young
People and Vulnerable Adults.


There are two documents which our churches would do well to read and
discuss, which are: The Moderator’s Report and a letter from Rev Jason McCullagh ( Chair, Synod Pastoral Committee), Rev Alison Micklam (Chair, Synod Ministries Committee) and Rev Ashley Evans  (Synod Evangelist) entitled A Crisis and an Opportunity. I, as one Church Secretary will make sure that all our members have the opportunity to read and to discuss these documents. I hope to have them in a prominent place on the agenda of the next Church Meeting in November.


The day finished with worship conducted by four young people; two from Germany, one from Hungary and one from America who are on a placement with our host church.


Sally Speight

Longcauseway Representative at Synod ®
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