The Team That Overcame The World

This team had been prepared by the greatest manager of all time. For approximately three and a half years they had been instructed in every aspect of how to defeat the enemy. They experienced some victories but recently experienced seemingly their greatest defeat. However their manager named his final eleven. All of the instruction and training he had given them would now make them world-beaters, they would be known as world overcomers.  Many would rise up against them but ultimately be defeated by this team. 
The names of this first eleven have been written down now for centuries and recorded in a book that tells of many of their victories. The names are recorded in the book that tells of the first acts of this great team. It is called the book of Acts and can be found in the Bible in the first chapter and verse 13. You will also find in verse 8 the manager's instruction that it would enable them to be world-beaters. By the way you are invited to join the team; the qualifications needed are recorded in the second chapter of the Acts of this team at verse 38!

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