I remember seeing images of an old steelworks. In the pictures, a great vat of molten metal was being poured into a channel from where it would flow into moulds and harden into tough steel. The part of the image that struck me was that as the molten metal was poured into the mould it began to set into shape. 
Many people have a passion for a particular activity or career and so pour their lives, their energy and commitment into following that passion. What the image of the steelworks reminded me of was this: What you pour your life into shapes who you become. It makes sense then to pour our lives into things that matter, into things that will help us and those around us. If we pour our lives into destructive stuff, that's the shape we take. The Christian faith teaches that there are no better directions into which to pour our life than those of Loving God with all that we are and loving our neighbour as ourself. The world could do with more love, compassion and community. That will happen as we, and others pour our lives into the right moulds.

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