I’ve a very good friend who is a Bookie, he will give you excellent odds on virtually anything, not just horse racing, but who will win the Premiership, if Huddersfield Town or Leeds United will win and by how many goals, you can even bet on who will score the first try for Dewsbury Rams against Batley Bulldogs – But nothing is a CERTAINTY!


Yet, God’s promises are true and certain – if He says He will do something – then He will!


A very certain promise and one that you can bet your life on is that the Lord Jesus Christ WILL return! Whilst to many this may seem incredulous, it is the sure and certain truth that Christians should live by.


Just as certainly as the Lord Jesus Christ died he rose again – FACT not FICTION! Before He was crucified He told His disciples `Not to worry, I’m going to prepare a place for YOU….. but I will come again’.


Later when He ascended into heaven with the disciples staring upwards, the angels told them `HE WILL RETURN’.


In this world of uncertainty you can be sure that HE IS COMING! Are you ready?


By Chris Battye Mount Tabor Community Church Representing Churches Together in Dewsbury. To contact CTiD please ring 01924 454750 or 457057.

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