The phrase ‘because your worth it’ has been adopted by a well-known cosmetic company – presumably it means that you are worth benefiting from the pampering their products can offer. However being ‘worth it’ comes at a price and we often judge worth by what we can afford – what car we drive were we live, what schools we attend, this gives the impression that some are worth more than others. But these things are only for this world –  as Christians we believe that each and every one is worth a great deal –that each individual is priceless – and it’s not to do with what we have or do but it has everything to do with the fact that God so loved the world – that means YOU and he gave His only son – that’s the high price that was paid– in order that, through faith in Jesus, we can process the riches of Gods kingdom something that will be ours for all eternity unlike  the things of this world that will fade away – and why did he give so much for you – well it’s because, ‘you are worth it!’  

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