I Have a Dream

In August 1963, Dr Martin Luther King, standing before 250,000 people and in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington delivered his now famous "I have a dream" speech, in which he set out his hope for an end to racial segregation in America. He set out his dream for what could be as opposed to settling for what is.
We all have dreams, pictures of what we wish could be. Some dreams of course are pipe dreams, wishful thinking, others are possible, but only if we shift the way we live, act and think.
I like many, have a dream that our communities would increasingly be better places in which to live and work. From a Christian perspective, such a change will happen when the church, the people of God, model the controversial and gracious example of Jesus Christ. Community transformation isn't a pipe dream, but neither is it a given. It comes when God is given his rightful place and people show the grace, love, compassion and forgiveness modelled by Christ to each other. " I have a dream......"

By Rev Tony Musgreave from The Church of The Nazarene. Representing Churches Together in Dewsbury. To contact CTiD please ring 01924 454750 or 457057.

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