We like to feed the birds that come into our garden and we have been amazed by the variety of birds - wrens, goldfinches, every kind of tits and many others. We were amazed at how quickly the seeds disappeared and very pleased to be contributing to the welfare of so many birds. Until we saw the squirrel! I suppose it was inevitable that we were feeding not just birds but squirrels, too.


However often we chase it away, shout at it, invent all sorts of ideas to frighten it off, it still comes back. And always seems to have a glint in its eye that says, “You can’t stop me!”


You have to admire his (or her) audacity and persistence, and marvel at the agility and the wonderful shimmer as its tail curves and waves.

Is it the same squirrel every time? I don’t know, I can’t tell one squirrel from another. But God can tell the difference. Matthew’s gospel reminds us that God knows us so well that even the hairs on our heads are numbered.

And God doesn’t chase us away, quite the opposite he welcomes us, all of us, to share the joy and peace of his love.


Rev Judith Satchell Methodist minister Representing Churches Together in Dewsbury. To contact CTiD please ring 01924 454750 or 457057.

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