Holiday season again! Whenever you take your break, it is a chance to visit another place. Some people love to return to the same place, others like to see different places. The main thing is that time away from home is different, to do things we enjoy, or time to try something new. Time too, to meet new people, perhaps from a different background and who have a different lifestyle. We so often find that we share the same values and wishes, peace and prosperity, good health, a secure future for ourselves and our families.


In a different place we can see how God provides riches with all people. The sun shines, waters flow, vegetation grows. All for mankind to appreciate and to use, and to care for it. We can sometimes see how some people are denied their fair share of God’s gifts and how this is being addressed by charities and organisations. So let us enjoy our holidays in lovely places and be mindful that it is God who provides all that we need. Jesus showed how by sharing, everyone has enough. Five small loaves and two fishes fed a great crowd.


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