I know many people reading this will have many different thoughts and feelings about Christmas. Growing up, Christmas day was the most exciting day of the year and I could barely sleep. Now, I find myself staying up equally late and excited because I get to have the joy of seeing my children come down on Christmas day. Jesus said, "It is better to give than to receive" and I must admit, I cannot disagree. I have so much more joy from blessing my friends and family, than I do from getting the latest gadget for myself.


Although working for a major bank, I know that that joy is often turned into a pressure for some people. So many people will be taking out loans and going into debt this Christmas in order to try make Christmas ‘special’. If you are doing some last minute shopping this weekend, remember, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and his life that he freely gave to us. It is a time of showing love, peace and goodwill to all! These things cannot be bought with the money in your account or the limit on your credit card, so don’t try! Merry Christmas!


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