When I think about Christmas, I am as liable as anyone else to think of financial considerations, or issues of hospitality, like who is going to sleep where. And being what is called ‘a religious professional’ these days, I am also liable to think about extra services and assemblies; who is going to pick up the 300 oranges we need, and which nursing home we should sing carols at first. And so on.


Everything, in short, conspires to take my mind away from what I am trying to say in those extra Christmas talks, sing in those carols, and believe in my heart about Christmas: ‘That God was born as man in Palestine’, as John Betjeman put it, ‘and lives today in bread and wine.’ Fortunately, my faith has a life its own. I’ve had to say 'Yes' to it, but it comes from Jesus. 


When I ponder these things about Jesus and Mary in my heart, my whole being reverberates, as if to say ‘Yes! It really is true!’ And so I live according to that faith, that deep reality. Thank you Jesus, for giving me this faith. Help me to share it with others in Dewsbury this Christmas.


The Revd Tom Hiney, From Dewsbury Team Parish. To contact CTiD please ring 01924 454750 or 457057.

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