Risk Assessment

My wife often prays for the safety of our adult children. Talking to our son recently, I realised the importance of those prayers as he described his escape after being trapped under a raft whilst white-water rafting on the Zambezi.

There are risks in every sphere of life – in business, travel, recreation, career choice. Alternatively to stay inactive for fear of risks involved is itself an unhealthy choice.

The Bible never uses the word risk, but it does talk about self-sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. We need to make risky choices for the benefit of others – this is self-sacrifice! There may not always be rewards when you show love, serve in ministry, or patiently bring the Word of God to others, but it is part of the Christian calling. Did Jesus assess the risk before being made in the likeness of men, coming to the earth to be crucified, and giving his life as a sacrifice for sin? He did, since the future was known in the counsels of heaven. But the good news is, He came anyway, and is risen from the dead, ready to forgive and restore any repentant sinner who comes to him. 

By Jeremy Childs, Member of the Dewsbury Gospel Church Representing Churches Together in Dewsbury. To contact CTiD please ring 01924 454750 or 457057.
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