Longcauseway Mission hopes.

For goodness sake what is Angela talking about Advent for?

A couple of exciting ideas have come up and some forward planning is required for 2 mission enabling projects and so I’m introducing them to you as we need some help between now and September.

1. The Nativity Sheep Trail (Spot the knitted sheep in shops – try saying that fast!)

The essence of the project is to spread the story of Jesus’ birth in an interesting and engaging manner through linking people in the town centre shops with Longcauseway Church, so perhaps the first thing to do is to pray about it! 

The idea revolves around placing sheep and a ‘trail’ leaflet in a number of shops.  The trail leaflets are distributed (and left in the shops themselves of course) to whoever we wish but as many people as we can think of.  The trail leaflet tells the Nativity story amongst other things and it includes an invitation near to Christmas to attend some form of ‘worship’ at Longcauseway Church, probably with refreshments.

This provides links with town centre shops  who hopefully see an increase in foot fall as a result and encourages folk to engage with not taking ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.  It engages with groups the church have links with, and encourages us out of the building into the town centre.

Now, apparently sheep are the easiest Nativity animal to knit and Judith Satchell is looking for some people to knit 12 large sheep (to place in the shops in town) and 30 small sheep…

Please see Judith Satchell if you can help. 

2. Posada with extra sheep….and why not?!!!

Some of you may have already heard of, or experienced a Posada.  This is a Mexican tradition where, leading up to Christmas, people dressed as characters from the Nativity story visit homes re-enacting the Nativity and sharing the story.  A modern version was devised by the Church Army, who since 2000 have offered resources to help churches to send a Nativity set around homes in their community.  As each home hosts the set they share a prayer and story with one another before passing the set the next day on to the next host.

What a wonderful opportunity to help families and individuals practically engage with the Nativity story!  Now, one suggestion is to give a small knitted sheep to each host household.  This sheep can be retained as the Nativity set is passed on, and can be a reminder of the story and/or an invitation to join a Christmas gathering or service, when everyone who has received the Nativity set in their home is invited to attend a service in church to celebrate the end of its journey.  You might see the aim here is to invite people on the edge of the worshipping congregation to receive the Posada but if this year you wanted to start just with the fellowship that’s fine too.  If you are really up for it then maybe have 2 Posada going around!

We are looking for those 30+ sheep to be knitted and offers of a Mary and Joseph to go into the Posada…..maybe knitted?

 Again, if you can help please see Judith Satchell. 


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