Reflection for the Week
7th May 2017
I wonder, were dandelions amongst the flowers of the field noticed by Jesus? According to the Gospel writer Matthew,Jesus commented “look how the wild flowers grow” (Matthew 6:28). 
I’ve been gardening recently and I’m now caringfor the fragile lives of numerous seeds I’ve planted hoping that, given just the right nurture, there will be vegetables later this summer.
Yet, no matter how much I neglect the garden the dandelions grow!
The cheerful face of the dandelion, crops up in the most unlikely of places, the hardest places it might be possible to grow. Yet grow they do!Pushing between paving stones, showing up in shopping precincts and derelict sites, in the smallest of spaces, defying obstacles, fighting through tarmac and delighting us there!
The Kingdom of God, Jesus might have said, is like the dandelion; it grows in the harshest of places, in the dereliction and ruins of life. It springs up, unasked, and grows whether we like it or not, disrupting and challenging the order and neatness we might prefer, demonstrating the uncomfortable truth that God’s Kingdom is about abundant life for all everywhere - not just the few - andthe hope of love and life stretched out for us into eternity, a hope that, no matter how hard we try, cannot be overcome by human will (or weed killer!)
God’s Kingdom ways will flourish and challenge us! Its seeds will ascend on the breeze, taken by the wind to another place to flourish - welcome or not wherever signs of peace and hope push through the toughest of environments. 
Revd. Janine Atkinson ®
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