Thought for the Week
2nd April 2017


At home, there is a beech hedge. It has caught my attention recently.
In contrast to all the other plant-life in the garden, which is changing just now from bare branch and twig to green leaf, the beech hedge still retains its autumn leaves. They will not fall until the new leaves are just about ready to emerge.
The beech hedge has a constant beauty as the bright green leaves of summer turn coppery and then brown, and the brown leaves of autumn cling to the branch through the rain, and cold, and frost, and snow of winter.
It spends a long time dying... in fact it never really seems to die, although it changes. The old brown, brittle, fragile leaves give way to new growth in a fairly seamless fashion. For the beech hedge the transition from old life to new birth seems like a continuous process.
Sometimes there are things that seem to be ‘dead’ or ‘dying’ in our lives, but God’s life-giving capacity is always greater than our circumstances.
With Jesus, when we let him, we are continuously being renewed and changed. With Jesus, although we change, we are constantly beautiful in his eyes.
Thank God that, in him, new life... eternal life... is a beautiful, seamless interface between the life God gives on this earth and the life we will have when we meet God face-to-face.

Revd. Janine Atkinson ®
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