Weekly Reflection
16th April 2017 – Easter Day!


A little girl and her mother were sitting in church. The little girl had her head cradled on her mother’s arm so that she was looking at the Cross on the wall at the front of the Church at an angle. ‘Mummy’ she said, ‘the Cross looks like a great big kiss.’

At school, the children had all made Easter cards. On the front of the card was a lovely, brightly painted picture of a basket of flowers.
One little boy, aged 6, took his card home and gave it to his mum.
Inside the card, under his ‘Happy Easter’ greeting, he’d drawn a small pencil-drawn picture of Jesus on the cross.
His mother looked at it, and admired his skill in drawing such a good picture, and then asked her son ‘Why have you put ‘x’s’ for his eyes?’ he replied, ‘they’re not ‘x’s’, they’re kisses; because Jesus died with love in his eyes.’

So, this resurrection day, may we see the twinkle of love in Jesus’ eyes and consider the value and cost of that love.
This day, may we notice the good things around us.
This day, may we see the signs of joy… and peace… 
 and hope that you Lord send us
This day, Lord… this day… make it the day of our resurrection
into your all-embracing love​​


Revd. Janine Atkinson

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