Weekly Reflection
19th November 2017


This is the month when we remember ...
We remember the victims of conflict, those who have died and those who have survived. 
We remember the sacrifice of so many in the struggle to bring freedom, and an end to conflict
We remember those who have fought to make this a better place to live

But we also remember, that our world is still divided and broken
But we remember that war, conflict, division and injustice still prevails across this globe in so many places and situations
We remember today that there are among us scars from the experiences we've had
Injuries from the memories we hold and upset from the things we've said

Yet in remembering there is healing
Remembering helps us to learn from the past and look forward to what is to come
It helps to build us up with knowledge of what we must let go, what we must release and what we need to keep hold of, what we need to embrace.

We remember that each war has come to an end. 
We remember that there are stories of courage and endurance and survival. 
We remember that every sacrifice made, brought hope of a better day to come.

We remember that as the children of a loving GOD we are called daily to remembrance. To remember that there is justice, that there is righteousness, that there is hope, that there are better days ahead. 
We remember that it is up to us to use what was done for us, to show something of our spirit to others. When the Bible calls us to remember the works that The Lord has done in the past this is to prepare all God's people for the future.

So let us also remember GOD's call for us to work for peace, to remember the message of the Prince of Peace. 
Jesus said
27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Let us open our hearts and remember, without fear of what is to come. Let us remember what was done for us, so that we may look forward in hope.

Let us remember those who took the risk believing in better days ahead, believing that there will be a time of true peace, justice and freedom for all.

Revd. Mark Robinson

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