Weekly Reflection

20th August 2017

Some time ago, I heard something about the meaning of the word ‘companion’ on the radio which raised my interest, so I investigated!
Apparently, the word ‘companion’ dates from about the 1300’s. It comes from the Latin word "Companionem”, meaning, "one with whom you would eat bread" - "Con", meaning with, and "Pan", meaning bread. Presumably then, your "companion" is someone with whom you "break bread” or ‘share your bread’.
So, describing Jesus (as I often do) as our companion, the one who is always walking alongside us whether we realise it or not, is more appropriate than I ever imagined. Jesus really is our companion. The one who broke and shared bread with his disciples, the one who was recognised in the breaking of bread by his companions in Emmaus is the one who shares bread with us today, with us, his present-day companions.
Yet, despite all we know, it’s easy to fail to recognise Jesus with us. When we’re feeling down and discouraged, when we’re struggling, sad or mad, sometimes God can seem very far away.
But the truth is that Jesus never leaves our side. We may not always recognize him, but he’s always there with us. He’s walking with us all the way, at every end and turn he is our constant companion.
We need to learn to see Him even in our most difficult moments.
After an encounter with Jesus, instead of being sad and discouraged, our hearts can be warmed, we can be fueled for life’s journeys.
But we also need to be fueled with the desire to share what we know, because Jesus’ love shows us that God’s love is for everyone, all nations, like the bread Jesus broke to be shared we are to share Jesus body with the world, we’re to tell the amazing good news to others, that with Jesus in your life you are never alone. So, if you invite Jesus into your life he can be found alongside you at every end and turn - your constant companion!
Revd. Janine Atkinson

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