Refection for the Week
21st May 2017
Have you ever been to a stately home and seen the massive tapestries that hang on the walls in some of them?
Imagine the painstaking work that went into making them at the time. Many were woven, hundreds of years before machinery took the strain.
They are impressive even now, but think of the original vibrancy of the colour and the quantity and beauty of the thread that went into making them. Each thread hand dyed and spun before it even got into the skilled hands of the weaver... bright reds, greens and blues, vermillion, emerald and cerulean, gold... and the ‘millefleurs’... many different small flowers and plants scattered in the background.
And the paintings... the artist’s work that was transformed into a pattern for the weaver to follow.
Some tapestries took several months to complete and for all the time they were works in progress the artistic weavers worked on just a strip of tapestry the size of a hand’s length at any one time, which was then rolled inside itself onto a wooden beam. They also worked from the back of the tapestry seeing the knots, joins and loose threads.
They never saw the whole tapestry until it was done... cut off the loom and laid face up on the floor, at which point they could see the fruits of their painstaking labours fully revealed at the end of their work.
During the life we live on earth we work a bit like the weavers... toiling away, only seeing the bit of life we’re working on at the time... So, we often only see the knotty bits, the awkward joins and the loose threads.
But when our work on earth is finished we will see our life’s work... as beautiful as God regards it... from the right side, where it’s as if none of the ‘awkward’ bits even exist. ‘For now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known’ (1 Corinthians 13:12b)
Revd. Janine Atkinson ®
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