Weekly Reflection
24th December 2017

God said "Let there be light" and there was light. 
The light entered the world and for generation after generation, the light has been a beacon of hope and justice for many people.

But a problem occurred. The focus became less on the light and more on the reflection of the light. While the reflection can be wholesome and important, the reflection is nothing without the source. We sometimes look to the reflection, as if the reflection is the source. We sometimes look to ourselves - the reflection and disregard Christ - the source.
We sometimes look at our wants, and the things we hold important; and while these things are sometime necessary for us to attend to, the fact is the we shouldn’t hold on to them at the expense of losing sight of what Christ wants for us, and our world. We shouldn’t hold on to them at the expense of losing sight of the source.

The shepherds and the wise men went in search of the light and came away rejoicing and praising God, that they had found the source of the light. 
They came away knowing that the source was a gift of God that needed to be revered, remembered and reengaged.

They found the source and reflected what they found in their rejoicing, and in their praising.

My prayer, is that we all revere, remember and reengage the gift of the light, the source of hope, justice and much more.

Revd Mark Robinson

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