Reflection 30th April, 2017

We have a double celebration this weekend. It is my father’s 95th birthday and my granddaughter Clara’s 1st birthday. Cue the balloons, jelly and ice cream!

On the day my father was one, Wembley Stadium was opened to the public, now the new stadium is a venue for many events.
As I researched the events of the year my father was one- on the internet- I realised the echoes with today. 1923 was also the year of a General Election!
The Postmaster General granted the BBC a licence to broadcast. Who could have imagined the advances of telecommunications over the next 90 years?
The Ottoman Empire was dissolved and the Republic of Turkey was established. Millions of Greek Orthodox refugees were given shelter in Syria. Sadly, the whole region is again in crisis.
Insulin was first used to treat diabetes, now there is the potential for an implant that will do away with the need for injections of insulin.
The first domestic fridge was sold in Sweden. Now cameras inside the fridge can send you a message to remind you what to buy when you are in the supermarket!

Clara’s life is just beginning. There is so much for her to look forward to and discover. What new discoveries and surprises are in store? What will the world look like when she is 95?

It reminds me to give thanks to God for the advances in technology and science that enrich our lives today. And to seek God’s forgiveness for our neglect of the ways that lead to peace.
No one knows what the future will hold for my father, for Clara, or for any of us. Each day is precious, given by God. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present

“We’ll praise him for all that is past and trust him for all that’s to come.”

Rev Judith Satchell ®
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