Weekly reflection
5th February 2017

Prayer is a search for God, but it’s also a revelation of God. Through Prayer, God reveals himself to us as Creator and Father, Redeemer and Saviour as the Spirit who ‘searches everything, even the depths of God (1 Corinthians 2:10) and above all ‘the secrets of human hearts’ (Psalm 44:21)

“The important thing about prayer is that it is almost indefinable. You see, it is: hard and sharp, soft and loving, deep and inexpressible, shallow and repetitious, a groaning and a sighing.

A silence and a shouting, a burst of praise digging deep down into loneliness, into me. Loving. Abandonment to despair, a soaring to heights which can be only ecstasy, dull plodding in the greyness of mediocre being - laziness, boredom, resentment.

Questing and questioning, calm reflection, meditation, cogitation, a surprise at sudden joy, a shaft of light, a laser beam. Irritation at not understanding, impatience, pain of mind and body hardly uttered or deeply anguished.

Being together, the stirring of love shallow, then deeper, then deepest. A breathless involvement, a meeting, a longing, a loving, an inpouring.

Prayer is . . . resentment . . . irritation . . . impatience. Does that surprise you? It took me a long time to learn to bring my resentments to the Lord, as well as my joys and requests. Yet l think we should. Our whole lives should be, are, open to God and He knows what is there deep down. It is only by bringing our anger and irritations out into the open that He can deal with them, even direct them, for good. That is good psychology, and it is good Christian living too. And in the cleansing process comes the realisation and experience of love - shallow, then deeper, and a real meeting and involvement with the Lord.

Lord, teach me to pray”.

(From Eddie Askew’s Book - A Silence and a Shouting – 1982)

Revd. Janine Atkinson

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