The season of Lent is here.

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 

Matthew 4:1

The season of Lent is here. It is a time when we recommit ourselves to God and renew our participation in the work that Jesus began when he walked the earth.  It is a time when we remember just how real and unconditional God's commitment to us is. It is by God's Spirit, that Jesus is led into the wilderness to be tested.  It is in this time of testing that he experiences the reality of our hunger, our aloneness and our sin. It is important that we remember that in his time of testing, he focussed on us - on you and me. He pondered deeply what it would cost to free us from the pain of a sinful death.  

In this time of Lent, let us remember the cost of God's love for us, and what it means for our lives. Let us focus on Jesus, his life, his sacrifice, and what the costs are to participate in the work of God in this world. During this time, we may decide to focus by giving up chocolates, spending time in prayer, or taking time to serve and help others. It is a reminder that committing ourselves to Jesus is not easy work, in fact it can be very difficult. Following Jesus through the cross to resurrection to new life and new possibilities is a real struggle. But this is what we are called to do.  This is the work that we ought to recommit ourselves to, and may God bless us as we so do.


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