Weekly reflection
26th February 2017

Prayer is…

Prayer is the work of God, it begins with God. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but God within us is crying to God beyond us Abba, Father. (Romans 8:26-27)

Prayer is God’s gift to us, not something he demands of us- Jesus tells us: ask, seek, knock (Matthew 7: 7)

Prayer is a natural, human response to trouble or crisis- personal, or on a global scale.
We pray because we can’t help ourselves. Even people who would say they don’t believe in God will offer a prayer when times are hard.

Prayer isn’t the last resort in a crisis, but something we can do, and carry on doing, even when we have done all we can or when human effort seems fruitless.

Prayer is sharing, with God, our hurt, dismay at the ways of the world

Prayer is holding those we know and ourselves in the embrace of God’s love, allowing us to become channels of his grace.

Prayer changes things. It’s not how we summon God’s help- God is already present, but how he summons ours. We may begin praying: this is what I want in this situation and I trust God not to let me down, and end thinking- this is how the situation looks in the light of God’s purposes, this is what I must do to serve God in it.

Prayer changes us. Many of us have been grateful for the prayers of others, to know you are held in people’s thoughts and prayers can help us though in ways we cannot understand or put into words.

Let us pray…

Rev Judith Satchell

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