18th March 2018

I heard an interesting story about an elderly man who I will call Clive. Clive had returned to his village after many years. As a young man he was unable to find work in his village and was getting more and more frustrated. This frustration led him to do what he was reluctant to do, move away from the village and the people he loved. He moved to a big city, where there would be a better chance and more opportunity to find work. 

Clive knew that there was to be a major new council building in the village, and there hadn’t been a new build in years. Before he moved, he went to the site seeking a job as labourer on the project. Sadly he was not successful, but he lingered long enough to see the master builder lay the very first brick on the site, securing it in its place before slapping on a layer of cement.  Following this an army of workers began building on what was first laid.  

Clive eventually left the village. Life was not easy, he had worked for a number of years as an office clerk and moved up the ranks. He had gotten married and had had children and was now back in the village for the first time since leaving all those years ago. 

He was walking through the village with his grandchild reminiscing about his younger days. Then he came upon the site of what was then the new build. Now a tall gleaming building, stood strong and majestic. He remembered the very first brick laid.

Clive was suddenly struck by the significance of this one brick, now embedded deep within the foundation of this magnificent structure, and doing a most important job. He thought of how much of a privilege it had been to see the master builder lay that brick. Clive’s focus was not on the beauty of the façade, but the importance of the brick that lay beneath it, that supported it and enabled it to be sustained. And he explained to his grandchild that we sometimes get so caught up with the beauty and the sparkle, that we forget what is of real importance. 

In this season of Lent let us not overlook what is of true importance.

Revd Mark Robinson

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