Reflection for the Week

20th May 2018 - Pentecost

The Spirit comes to help us, weak as we are. For we do not know how we ought to pray; then the Spirit pleads with God for us in groans that words cannot express. And God, who sees into our hearts, knows what the thought of the Spirit is; because the Spirit pleads with God on behalf of his people and in accordance with his will. (Romans Chapter 8: 26b – 27)

Take time to be quiet with God......

We have heard about you God of wind, and dove, and fire
in stories of transformational power.
Through your Holy Spirit, speak now Lord, your word of freedom, peace, and change
over lands divided by war and by greed and creed.
Speak your word of refreshment, assurance, and warmth
over lives afflicted by exhaustion and illness.
Speak your word of integrity, humility, and challenge
over churches crippled by fear and finances.
Speak your word of calm, gentleness, and comfort
over lives broken by grief and loss.
Speak your word of power, anointing and healing over each one of us,
so that this day of Pentecost may inspire new beginnings, fresh insight, 
new birth and fresh courage. 
Lord God, may this Pentecost provide the catalyst for change in each one of us,
equip us to meet you in the world and spill over with joy as we share news of you with the world.

In a time of quiet, lift before God in prayer those people you know who need to know the power of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives...........................................................................................................

Help us to take our part in the acts of your Holy Spirit to bring about your Pentecost, 
so that those who are bowed down have the courage to stand tall, 
and those who have been afraid to speak out, will find their voice.
And when all voices are heard, and all can hear God speaking to them in words they understand, 
the power of Pentecost will have come.
Holy Spirit, help us to listen to you, to know your truth, to do great things
and to share God’s love with the people around us. Amen

Revd. Janine Atkinson ®
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