Reflection for the Week

22nd July 2018

Seaside Rock Part 2
Indwelling God,
your love is imprinted through us
like the writing through seaside rock.

Indelibly etched
the words are written – God’s Child;

And nothing can separate us from this truth,
which you have poured and moulded
into the very core of our being.

Inside of each of us, you have written
something outstandingly beautiful.

So, whenever we are fragile,
or broken, or when we snap;
as we surely will, the words remain,
reminding us when we most need it,
when we are at our most vulnerable,
that we are loved and precious to you
we are your children.

Parent God,
your love is like the writing
through a stick of seaside rock;
and we cannot be separated from it.

Revd Janine Atkinson ®
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