Reflection for the week

18th February 2018

We are a part of a movement founded just about 2000 years ago by Jesus. It is a movement based on the unconditional love of God.

As followers we are called to show something of that love to those we come into contact with.

So I was happy to find that this year the unusual occurred.

The holy Ash Wednesday collided with the secular Valentine's Day. Sacrifice ran into love in a most public way. And the two can look like wonderful opposites attracting, but the fact is that throughout Jesus ministry, sacrifice continually met with love, in fact his sacrifice was made out of love. God's love is a key part of the season of Lent.

During our lead-up to Easter, we should use this time to refocus our love relationships with God.

And as we look to the future the end of Lent at the cross of Jesus Christ, we see vividly sacrifice colliding with love in a most public way. Then as we look further, through the cross to Jesus resurrection at Easter, we see just how key God’s love is in bringing us through times of pain to the promised future of the unconditional love of God.

Revd Mark Robinson ®
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