Reflection for the week

11th February 2018

Just like your dad!

Every new baby experiences people peering at it and saying things like; “he’s got his mum’s eyes”, “she’s got her granddad’s ears”, “he’s got his sisters nose”, “ you’re just like your dad – yes you are! – yes you are! – yes you are!” (it helps to read this in your ‘talking to babies voice’). And the poor little mite is left wondering what on earth it really does look like and is probably dreading its first encounter with a mirror; expecting to see some sort of misshapen Mr Potatohead with random parts stuck at odd angles around his or her head.

Just after I moved south and just turned 20 years old, I had the shock of my life! The hairdresser had just washed my hair prior to cutting and as my head was lifted up I caught sight of the face in the mirror and thought ‘Arrgh! It’s mi dad!’ (the shock now is realising this was 36 years ago!)

Consider two broken marriages. One has ended in divorce on grounds of adultery. The other is an unexpected consequence of release from one problem (which is good news) that has brought with it other unexpected problems (which are not good news). In the first he said he loved her but was no longer in love with her. In the second the problem had been there from before the wedding the difficulty has been with the change that has happened as the problem is being dealt with. In both cases the women appear not to be to blame, and would dearly love for things to be as they once were. In both cases the women are hurting, have felt unloved and lacking value. They need reassurance that they are wonderful because they are made in the image of a wonderful creator God. They are loved because God loves them and that he feels and shares their pain. Broken relationships are not God’s will because he chooses to bless marriage, but their husband’s have chosen to do things their way.

In the Old Testament God is portrayed as the faithful husband to an adulterous people. In the New Testament Jesus is portrayed as the bridegroom prepared to give his all for the sake of his bride (you & I; his people).
• We are made to be faithful
Because our father God is faithful
• We are made to be loving
Because our heavenly Father is loving
• We are made to be forgiving
Because God is a forgiving God
• We are made to be generous 
Because God is a generous God

If we act positively in being like the God who made us and loves us and wants to be in relationship with us. If we give of our all for others, as our brother and bridegroom Jesus, gives his all for us. Then not only will we be a blessing to others we will also find blessing – we’ll look just like our dad in heaven – and bring, in our own small way, heaven on earth.
Rev Nigel Rodgers ®
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