4th February 2018

Psalm 121 today

When I lift up my eyes in times of trouble and hardship,
where should I look for help?

Should I look to the mountains? Is my help coming from its grand cliffs or its awe inspiring peaks?

The answer comes swift and clear, my help comes from the maker of those grand clips and awe-inspiring peaks. My help comes from God, the Almighty Maker of all things.

In fact, God knows all of our needs and will never leave us destitute. The Lord our God who watches over our lives, does so constantly--day and night. God does not sleep nor slumber, because God’s Love and Care are eternal.

God watches over us all and gets beside us, in front of us and behind us in times of great distress. Even when we are unsure of our coming and our going, whether we are happy or sad, God knows and God goes every step with us. Even when we are too caught up to notice, God is with us.

Revd Mark Robinson

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