Weekly reflection

8th July 2018


These are sunny days and thoughts are turning to holidays... planning for them and remembering them.
British seaside towns sell seaside rock with writing through the centre, telling us where it comes from and what it is. The last rock I bought was from Seahouses – it’s from Seahouses and it’s rock – it tells us so!
Imagine written right through you, the words ‘God’s Child’ – clearly stating both where you come from and what (or who’s) you are – God’s Child.
And imagine that those words cannot be removed, that nothing can separate you from those words that are permanently etched into your very core.
Imagine also that wherever and whenever you, or I, get ‘broken’ - as we surely will - the same words will be there ‘God’s Child’ right the way through us, a reminder when we most need it, when we’re at our most vulnerable, that we are loved by God, and precious to God - we are God’s children.
My prayer is that you will know God’s message of love imprinted right through you, no matter what life throws at you, because you are God’s Child and nothing can separate you from that truth, etched into your very core.
Like a stick of rock, God’s imprint is poured and moulded into us, through the very centre of our being, and nothing can remove it, or separate us from it. Inside each of us is something outstandingly beautiful - God’s love at home in us, written right through us.
And that’s good news! because anyone can discover that they are God’s Child. This is not a time limited offer, but a lifetime guarantee, for everyone.
The apostle Paul wrote to a group of Christians in Rome who were trying to follow Jesus’ way and struggling a bit. Remember, he wrote
‘Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord’
(Romans 8: 38 - 39 altd.)

Revd. Janine Atkinson

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