Weekly Reflection
16th October 2016
Rev Judith Satchell

Our hearts go to out the people of Haiti following the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. The reflection this week is a prayer offered by the Methodist Church for the situation there

Jesus, we see you calming storms- storm tossed seas and stormy lives.
Extend your power and grace again,
especially upon these most recent storm victims.
Speak peace and healing over bodies and spirits broken by the chaos.
Jesus, speak peace. Silence

Speak peace and hope over families and communities devastated by sudden loss.
Jesus, speak peace. Silence

Speak peace and unity over diverse groups of people so they would come together for greater provision, just distribution, and effective rebuilding.
Jesus, speak peace. Silence

Speak peace and protection over rescue workers
as they reach out to those who are suffering.
Jesus, speak peace. Silence

You are the Prince of Peace. You are the Resurrection and the Life.
You are strong to save. Our hope and trust are in you. Amen.

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