Meditation for the week.

When I was eleven I went to boarding school. Before I went, I remember my father telling me how, when baby birds get too big for the nest, they are sometimes reluctant to try out their wings and fly. So the parent birds have to literally push them out of the nest; and off they fly to independence and great adventures. I’m not sure how reassuring I found that story at the time!
Sometimes we have to let go of our security, leave the place we know, and set out into the unknown. It happened many times to our ancestors in the faith. Whenever reluctantly or hesitatingly they tried to cling on to the familiar places and known ways, God gave them a gentle push and they found themselves embarking on a new adventure of faith.
It’s true for us, too. We often need a nudge or a push to start the next phase of our faith journey. As we hover on the edge of the nest, the big world out there looks very scary. But we will find, as God’s people have done since time immemorial that “underneath are the everlasting arms”. God will sustain us; he will never let us go. ®
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