21st November 2016

Last week was Interfaith Week and yesterday was Christ the King Sunday, when we round up what we’ve learned during the year about Jesus, confidently declaring Christ as ‘King’… before we put Jesus back in the manger and look at him through tinsel and trimmings!

These two ideas mesh together in an extract from a long poem about Jesus life, death and resurrection - ‘The Man Who Never Died’ written in 1969 by Gopal Singh, a Sikh mystic and philosopher. An extract of the poem appeared in November’s ‘Reform’ Magazine (The URC’s monthly topical magazine) in an article ‘A Sikh’s Jesus’ (p.30) as follows:

‘His poem about Jesus….starts

This is the story of the Man who never died:

and who proclaimed that he who’s born must be reborn;

and he who’s dead must rise from the state of death.

For it is not in the nature of man to die,

but to live from no-time to no-time.

Dr Singh tells the story in verse, recounting many of the miracles and parables and ending…

And, so, when men thought all was over with Him,

He rose from the dead,

like lightening, with His garments, white as snow,

but appearing as if he were a flame of fire!

Men around were struck with terror.

But he said unto those that believe that nothing dies in the realm [kingdom] of God – neither seed, nor drop, nor dust, nor man,

only the past dies or the present, but the future lives forever.

And I’m the future of man.

To me being and non-being were always one. I always was and never was!’

Revd. Janine Atkinson ®
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