Weekly Reflection
26th September 2016

Luke 5: 1-11

“Put out into deep water and let the nets down for a catch”. Jesus told his soon-to be-disciples. “We’ve worked all night and caught nothing”, Peter replied.

As an experienced fisherman Peter knew it was pointless to go deep water fishing in the middle of the day- that was for the night time.
I wonder what it was about Jesus’ voice, his personality, his insistence that made Peter give it a try? And they caught such a large number of fish that the nets began to break.

Jesus was asking them to do something different. Challenging them to put their wisdom and experience to one side and listen to him, be guided by him.

Today, we may be wondering about the way forward. Like the disciples we may be feeling we’ve tried everything with little to show for it. We may be weary and dispirited.

Will we, too, hear the voice of Jesus, encouraging us not to give up, challenging us to try something new? Will we have courage to look beyond the wisdom and routines we have developed and value and do something new?

It’s often been said that the last 6 words of a dying church are: “We’ve always done it this way”. Will we, like the first disciples have the courage to change, and in the process be blessed beyond our imagining?

Rev Judith Satchell

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